Go LightBox

Illuminate your Brand with the newest portable display on the market! Go LightBox is lightweight with easy snap together assembly and very affordable.
Chose single side or double side graphics. The 4200 Lumen LED lighting system gives clean, bright illumination to make your display stand out in a crowd.

Go LightBox is the first mobile plastic lighting frame in the world. By contrast to sharp-edged aluminium, this makes it particularly light and avoids any risk of injury.

Due to the light construction from plastic, Go LightBox is not only simply constructed but also extremely easy to transport. Whether in practical packing cases or the comfortable carrying bag, Go LightBox fits into every luggage compartment.

With Go LightBox, nobody is overlooked. The integrated, highly-efficient Osram LED modules guarantee homogeneous illumination of the textiles, thereby attracting maximum attention.

Go LightBox needs no tools. Thanks to the intelligent and intuitive plug-in system, all construction parts can be assembled in a few minutes to create a modern advertising surface.

The individually-printed textiles make every Go LightBox unique: new every time. If the message changes, the textiles can be rapidly and easily replaced.

A Go LightBox is rarely seen on its own: the modular building block principle not only offers different framework dimensions and numerous practical construction components, but also makes a flexible connection with other frames possible to create entire exhibition stands.

Go LightBox grows with its tasks. By contrast to the traditional systems, it adjusts to new conditions and convinces by rapid changes in textiles. The high standard of quality of the plastic guarantees durability.

Dimensions 39.4”w x 78.7”h
Hardware Materials Bright White hi-density ABS plastic and UL approved LED lights.
Graphic Materials PhotoFabric SEG.
Weight 30lbs