This kit consists of a Quick Fab or Grand Fabric wall, a banner stand, a brochure holder, lights, and a shipping case that when wrapped with a graphic and topped with a table top converts to an Open or Closed Podium.

Dimensions Quick Fab: 60″w x 88″h or
Grand Fabric: 91 5/16”w x 94 ½”h;
banner stand: 23 5/8″w x 70 7/8″h;
brochure holders: 10 1/4″w x 53 9/16″h;
podium wrap overall size: 73″w x 32 7/8″h,
visual front: 23 1/2″w x 32 7/8″h;
podium/case: 26 3/8″w x 38 3/16″h x 16 9/16″d.
Hardware Materials Aluminum, carbon fibre, hard plastic, wooden podium top.
Graphic Materials Photofabric is dye sublimated printing on poly duck and wrinkle resistant engineered cloth.
Weight Average packed kit: 75-80 lbs.
Dimensional freight weight: 108-110 lbs.