Monitor Stand

Multimedia is a key component of today’s high impact portable advertising.

The MonitorStand is a cost effective way for you to bring your full message to your target audience.

Use in combination with the Expand 2000 pop-up wall display, or as an eye-catching stand alone unit.

(Note: Monitor not included).

Dimensions Base is 23 1/4″ across x 3″h.
Poles comes in 48 1/16″, 68 7/8″ & 76 3/4″ heights (height is to center of the monitor).
Hardware Materials The pole is made of aluminium and the foot of cast iron with chrome accents. The pole has a channel where you can easily hide the cables for the monitor. Comes with two carrying cases for base and pole.
Graphic Materials NOTE: Freestanding monitor stand will hold up to a 42″ monitor. Integrated monitor stand (into a wall) will hold up to a 32″ monitor.
Weight Base is approximately 28 lbs.
Pole is 6 lbs. to 9 lbs. depending on height.