Maximize your tradeshow space with display pedestals.  Showcase your products, exhibit your collateral and give-away items and more.

Our modular pedestals are designed for easy assembly and quick take down.  They are also lightweight and economical to transport.

Dimensions Picture 1: 23″d x 38 1/2″h.
Picture 2: 23 1/2″w x 23 1/2″d x 38 1/2″h.
Picture 3: 41 5/8″ w x 20″d x 38 1/2″h.
Picture 4: 23 1/2″d x 29″h (available in 36″h, 38 1/2″ or 42″height).
Hardware Materials Extruded aluminum frames; acrylic panels; wooden components.
Graphic Materials Inkjet self-adhesive vinyl.
Weight Average 20 – 30 lbs.

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