Reception Counters

Make the most of your tradeshow space with a distintive reception counter.  Do demonstrations, assist visitors and display your product, it’s never been more convenient!

Our modular reception counters are designed for easy assembly and quick take down.  They are also lightweight and economical to transport.

Dimensions Picture 1: 59 1/2″w x 32 3/8″d x 38 1/2″h.
Picture 2: 83 7/8″w x 45 5/8″d x 38 1/2″h.
Picture 3 & 4: 64 1/2″w x 28″d x 42″h (desk height is 29″h).
Dimensions vary depending on configuration.
Hardware Materials Extruded aluminum frames; acrylic panels; wooden components.
Graphic Materials Inkjet self-adhesive vinyl.
Weight Average: 60 – 85 lbs.

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