Holiday Marketing Can Increase Business and the Bottom Line

A holiday gives your business or service an opportunity to shine and increase revenue by creating an atmosphere for your customer. Whether it’s the Fourth of July, Halloween, or the winter festive season, the right holiday marketing displays can attract business and encourage spending. 

Holiday shopping differs from ordinary shopping because customers are looking for specific purchases that reflect a purpose. It may be setting the perfect picnic table for the 4th of July festivities, or winning the neighborhood Halloween costume contest, or maybe getting their hands on the hottest gift of the season; holidays boost spending. 

Creating an atmosphere within your business, both in-person and online, dedicated to the specific holiday will only increase a customer’s desire to spend. 

Benefits of Holiday Marketing Displays 

Planning is important when it comes to holiday marketing, you don’t want to start too early, but you also don’t want to wait until the last minute to organize your approach. Getting holiday marketing right can be transformative for your brand or business. The benefits of holiday marketing are worth the planning and the upfront cost. Holiday themed marketing displays:

Build a Connection with your Customer: Holiday displays connect with your customer’s positive associations with the season or festive day. No matter the holiday, people are busy getting ready for it. If you can slow down rushing customers with innovative holiday marketing displays, you will increase their connection to your brand or business and encourage them to purchase your products. 

Attract Customers: Grabbing the attention of prospective customers is the main goal of holiday marketing. A creative and inventive approach to your holiday marketing campaign drives interest to your business, and is bound to increase the bottom line. 

Set Your Business Apart: During any holiday season, the competition for customers is at an all time high. By including an interesting holiday marketing display, you set your brand or business apart from the rest. Holiday marketing also shows potential customers that your business is current and up-to-date. 

Make Your Business a Destination: Decorating the windows of department stores during the winter season has been a constant in our culture. Customers make it a point to visit each year and be amazed. You can create that same feeling of whimsy and joy by bringing your holiday marketing to the next level. Get people talking about your business by setting up a striking holiday display that they will tell their friends about! 

Improve Customer Service: Not only will a holiday themed marketing display impress your customers, it will make your employees feel good too! Creating an atmosphere where each holiday is celebrated increases morale among your employees and makes them want to provide better customer service. Better customer service leads to increased sales too. 

Specific Holiday Marketing Essentials 

The importance of setting your business apart from the rest, especially during a busy holiday season, cannot be overstated. Customers want to spend during any holiday, which means it’s in the best interest of your business to attract those spenders as early as possible. Maintaining the attention of your customers during the buying process is also important. Here are some ideas to make sure your holiday marketing is top-notch: 

  • Outside Signage/Displays–No matter where your business is located, outside signage is imperative to attracting the attention of customers. Sandwich boards, flags, graphics on the sidewalk outside of your business, or MediaScreens will enhance the look and feel of your business during a holiday. 


  • Window Displays–As mentioned above, we all remember looking at a department store window display during the Christmas season. Dramatic window displays grab attention during any holiday–make sure to consider lighting when developing your display idea. Window films and clings can also help bring your display to the next level. 


  • In-Store Signage/Displays–Your holiday marketing displays should not end when your customer walks through the door. Indoor signage and displays help create an experience for your customer. Keep the indoor signage cohesive with the outdoor signage in look, color, and feel. Maintaining that feeling for your customer throughout their time in your business will increase the likelihood of a return visit. 


  • Don’t Forget About Online–You want to leverage all of your “real-estate” when it comes to holiday marketing. Your holiday marketing message should remain consistent on your website and social media. 

Holiday marketing displays can be invaluable to your business or brand. Making your customer feel the magic of any holiday through eye-catching holiday displays can increase business and create a lasting impression. Plan early and execute your holiday marketing in an organized way for best results. 


Need help planning your holiday marketing display? Reach out to Earnest Images for all of your holiday marketing needs! 

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