Five of the Most Popular Trade Show Swag Ideas in 2024

Trade show swag will impress your audience and leave a lasting positive opinion of your company or business. The tokens don’t have to be fancy; they can be practical and still resonate with prospective clients, customers, and partners. Keep reading to learn more about trade show swag ideas for 2024! 

The Importance of Trade Show Swag

Company branded merchandise, promotional items, giveaways and tchotchkes are all synonymous with trade show swag, and all are designed to grab the attention of those visiting your business’s booth at a trade show. Basically, any item adorned with your company’s logo fits into this category. From socks, to notebooks, to pens to candy–anything that can be stamped with a logo applies. 


Trade show swag isn’t just for fun; it serves as a tangible way to enhance your brand’s image, increase booth traffic, create more leads and opportunities to network, and establish brand loyalty with prospective customers. 


According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 71.6% of trade show attendees who received trade show swag remember the name of the company that gave them the product. Not only that, 57% of consumers who own promotional products report that they have kept some for over 5 years! Trade show swag has longevity, and longevity with a customer base goes a long way. 


Leveraging the power of trade show swag means making it an impactful marketing tool that aligns with your company or business’s brand image. Being smart about what swag you use, and how you use it to connect with your brand makes a difference in the overall influence it has on your audience. 

2024 Top Trade Show Swag Ideas

Trade show swag should be given some thought before being incorporated into your company’s trade show agenda. You don’t want to invest in swag that isn’t interesting or bland. Ensuring your swag is memorable, creative, quality made, and usable are all checkpoints to consider. Here are five of the most popular swag ideas by category: 


Tech Products 

This may seem like an obvious category, but let’s be honest, everyone uses technology. Offering promotional products in the technology arena will relate to any audience quickly. 


Dual Port USB Wall Charger: Who needs a charger? Everyone! Engraving your company’s logo on the side of this type of wall charger is a gentle reminder that you provided this useful product to your customer, leaving them with a positive reminder of your business. 


Popsocket: Applying your business logo to the back of a popsocket is a great way to increase brand awareness and give your customer something they can use. 


Being creative with these types of products will make your audience want them; making them with quality in mind will make your audience keep them and use them again and again. 


Custom T-Shirt: Think high quality, top grade combed cotton. That soft t-shirt you love to wear. Proving this type of swag with your company logo instantly makes your customer a brand ambassador. 


Canvas Bag: Trade shows provide a lot of swag to carry–why not provide a quality tote to carry all the “other guys” stuff in while your logo is prominently displayed for all to see? 


Still popular in 2024–anything drinkware related! 


Water Bottle: Not just any run-of-the-mill water bottle will do. Think sustainable. Not only will this give a favorable impression of your company, but the bottle will also get used over and over providing multiple opportunities to advertise your brand. 


Mug: Mugs are popular, but leaning into creativity and design on this type of swag can be very beneficial to your brand. Everyone uses them, and everyone has a favorite–make that the one you provide. 


Okay, there were six ideas, but who’s counting? Making your brand shine by giving away reusable, eye-catching, quality products will not only make your trade show customers happy, but it will also give your brand the opportunity to grow. Those who receive your promotional products will want to use them again and again, broadening the reach of your company or business. 

Where to Start 

If you know that trade show swag is something you want to invest in, but you aren’t sure what product(s) would align perfectly with your brand, no need to worry. Earnest Images can give you some innovative ideas for products that not only will enhance the impression of your brand but also provide functional products that are memorable to your customers. 


Not only can we help develop a promotional product for your business, but we can also store all of those products for you and make sure they arrive in perfect condition at each of the trade shows you appear at. We can also keep track of when more promotional products need to be created, so you are always ready for your next trade show! 


Interested in investing in trade show swag to promote your brand or company? Reach out to Earnest Images for all your trade show needs! 

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