Four Reasons to Invest in Custom Trade Show Displays

Trade shows continue to be one of the best marketing techniques that a business can be a part of–so many interested people, at one time, in one place! Investing in custom trade show displays not only makes your business stand out but makes the most of your time and money. Check out the top four reasons why investing in custom trade show displays is a smart move for your business. 

Attendees at a trade show are there to see what’s new, to learn about the industry, and to be impressed by what they see. Mundane, run of the mill booth designs do not attract attention. Custom trade show displays do! 

Custom displays offer many benefits to businesses willing to invest in them, and that investment is worth it. High quality trade show displays can be a game changer for your business. Keep reading to learn why investing in custom trade show displays makes sense for your business. 

#1 First Impressions Matter 

Standing out in a sea of exhibitors at a trade show can be difficult. Businesses are there to get attention and garner interest for their products and services–and the competition can be fierce!  A custom trade show design can be the difference between being passed by and being sought out by visitors. 

You do not get a second chance to impress, so making your trade show display stand out, influence, and wow your customers is essential. A great first impression can lead to a sale, or a chance to network, while a negative first impression can tarnish your business’s reputation. 

Customizing your business’s display allows you to control what your customers think of your product or service. Your display is a reflection of your business, and making it reflect who you are and what you stand for is important in today’s business world. Authenticity is one of the most important factors to customers, and custom trade show displays offer your business the chance to be authentic. 

#2 Increase ROI

Customized trade show displays attract more attention from visitors which means the likelihood of a sale or connection is greater. Engaging displays allow your visitors to interact with your booth, and you, building a stronger bond with your business. This all leads to a higher return on investment! 

Custom trade show displays that you can use, and re-use also help support an elevated ROI. Durable and high-quality materials used to construct your custom display will stand the test of time, making your investment in these displays worth the cost. 

Creating a memorable trade show display will maximize the influence of your business on customers. Constructing a unique display means leaving a lasting impression with visitors to your booth which can turn into solid leads. 

#3 Control Your Story 

A customized trade show display allows your business to tell its own story and visually define your brand. Attendees to your booth will recognize what your brand voice is and how to connect with you, making your business relatable. The more control you have over your display’s look and design, the better represented your business will be at the trade show. 

A customized trade show display lets you focus on who you are, how your business was inspired, what problems your business or service solves, and what the core values of your business are. All of this information makes your business more approachable, and being approachable means more business. 

#4 Long Term Value

“Customized” is usually synonymous with expensive, but that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to trade show displays. Your business has a budget in mind when creating materials for a trade show, and a competent trade show display company can work within your budget to provide a customized display. 

The ability to use the same customized display over and over again increases the value of your initial investment. This value is maximized when you work with a company that stores, maintains, and ships your display materials as well. 

Once your display has been designed for your business, it is an essential tool that will serve its purpose over and over again without much added cost. 

Choosing a Custom Trade Show Display Company 

If you’ve made the decision to invest in a custom trade show display for your business, your next step is choosing a company to help you through the process. You want to select a company that emphasizes relationships, reliability, and return. 

Earnest Images can provide you with personalized service from developing the concept of your customized trade show booth, to constructing it, to storing, maintaining, and shipping it for you. We specialize in high quality products that will protect your investment. 


Interested in a custom trade show display for your business? Contact Earnest Images today! 

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