Kitting Can Increase Your Business’s Sales Revenue & Customer Satisfaction. We’re Not Kidding.

Packaging products that complement each other in a single kit saves money for both the customer, and the business selling the kit. Kitting means lower shipping costs, lower labor costs, fewer errors, and the chance for your business to free up warehouse space, all of which benefit the bottom line. Keep reading to learn more about how kitting can improve your business. 

Kitting Explained 

Kitting is an inventory technique where individual, but related, products are packaged and shipped together as a single bundle. For example, one form of kitting that has taken off in recent years is the idea of subscription boxes. Instead of five different manufacturers selling you their products individually, the complementary items are put together and offered as a subscription box service. 

There are many popular subscription box services; everything from recipe subscription boxes to wardrobe subscription boxes, to coffee lovers’ subscription boxes are available. Chances are that whatever product your business produces will fit in with similar products to be packaged as a kit. Kits are a cost-effective way to get your products out to a wider audience. 

Kitting can also be valuable for single business manufacturers as well. For example, if your business is skin care, you can package related products together as one single product like “Daytime Essentials”, or “Nighttime Routine”. This allows you to not only include products that may be popular with your audience, but also introduce exceptional products that haven’t gained as much traction. 

One last component of kitting that should be explained is the convenience of creating a new SKU (stock keeping unit) number for each kit that is organized. This allows businesses to build kits in advance; this process can also be used to give each individual product in a kit the same SKU so that when an order is placed, the separate products are gathered and packaged together. Both of these processes save time and money in labor costs. 

Bottom Line Benefits of Kitting 

Kitting offers businesses a number of revenue related benefits. Offering kits to customers encourages them to make a larger purchase and allows for quick re-order of the kit because customers do not have to look for each individual product. Some other benefits include: 


Organization: Grouping similar or complementary products in kits allows businesses to keep their inventory organized. Organized inventory makes packing and shipping orders easier and with fewer mistakes. 

Reduced Costs: Kitted products can reduce the needed warehouse space for your business and save money on shipping costs as fewer packages are being shipped separately. 

Increased Sales: Packaging complementary products together can boost sales by offering your customers a simpler way to buy individual products and can save them money by offering the products at a reduced price when purchased in a kit. 

Less Packing & Shipping: When products are grouped together in one package, you eliminate the need for additional packaging. Less packaging means reduced waste and saving money on packaging supplies. Less packages also means lower shipping costs overtime. 

Kitting for Customers

Customer experience with your business or brand is everything–without customers, your business doesn’t exist. Kitting can provide a creative way to influence and enhance customer loyalty. While kitting is one aspect of the order fulfillment process, getting it right can make a huge difference in your business’s bottom line. 

Everyone likes to feel “thought of”, and kits targeted towards customers or even your workforce show that your business cares about its employees and its patrons. Kits provide that “unboxing” excitement and make customers want more. This feeling also resonates with employees and can boost retention of your most important commodity–your workforce. Now, who can help get your business started with kitting?…

Earnest Images Knows Kitting

Earnest Images can enhance your business through kitting opportunities that are attractive to a variety of audiences. Developing a sales kit that includes an assortment of display products to ship to your business’s salesforce or distributors will make an impact and keep your business’s image streamlined. This “Sales Kit” also keeps inventory organized and allows your business to be ready to ship materials immediately as the kits can be assembled in bulk and stored. 

We can also assist your business in developing “Customer Care Packages” that may include promotional items and other swag from your business. These kits can be shipped or mailed to your employees, customers, or prospects. These types of kits make an impression and show that your business appreciates its workforce and its clients. 

Consider Kitting 

Kitting is a simple, yet effective, order fulfillment strategy that can save your business time and money. It can also help improve the organization of your inventory and simplify the process of shipping orders. Kitting also provides value to your customers by offering complementary products at a reduced rate, thus increasing customer satisfaction and repeat business. 


Have questions about how kitting could benefit your business? Contact Earnest Images today to learn more! 

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