Tips for More Efficient Trade Show Logistics

Logistics Overview

Getting your trade show logistics right can mean the difference between a successful trade show appearance and the worst business disaster you’ve ever had to fix. Logistics matter. Having a logistical plan in place for each and every trade show is a must, but it takes thought and diligence to get it right. 

Trade show logistics involves moving your booth and equipment to a trade show, managing the set-up and take down, and finally moving everything back to its original storage location. Doing all of this, along with keeping each and every piece of the material in top shape, is a huge challenge. Consider the following recommendations when crafting your logistical plan. 

Tips for Successful Trade Show Logistics 

#1 Plan. Plan Early. Plan Everything. 

You get the idea. Having a plan is imperative to efficient logistics and it’s never too early to start. 

Every trade show provides exhibitors with a manual of directions for that specific show that includes everything from how you should pack your equipment, to when it should show up, to where it will be stored. Treat this manual as your guide for success! Review it early and stick to what it says. 

Once you think you have everything in order to ship your trade show assets, double-check with the event organizer for the trade show to make sure. This might take a few phone calls and emails but is sure to help you feel confident in shipping your materials. 

#2 Label All Of It 

Trade shows are busy places and depending on the size of the show, there could be thousands of containers arriving at the same time. Labeling each and every shipping container is a requirement for your overall success and peace of mind. Labeling eliminates the risk of your materials being lost, mixed up, or misplaced. 

Label every item inside each of the containers as well. Include your company or brand name, event name, and booth number in each shipping container. Adding a phone number to each shipping container may be a great help if the container is lost or sent to the wrong destination. 

An inventory slip is a smart addition to each container as well. This allows for easy tracking of each item when you unpack at the trade show, and organizes each container. 

#3 Compare Shipping Quotes 

Getting quotes from three different logistic companies to ship your trade show equipment should be your goal. Whether the show you are attending is in the next city over, or across the country, getting quotes is important. Hiring a company with experience in shipping for trade shows is most likely your best move, especially if you are new to the trade show circuit. 

Moving your trade show materials on your own is always an option, especially if you only plan to attend a few shows, but this is not a popular choice. There is so much that goes into successfully shipping trade show materials that it really is a job best completed by professionals. Keep in close contact with the company you choose, be open to their suggestions, and provide them with all of the trade show logistical directions to ward off any delays or problems. 

#4 Consider Hiring a Trade Show Logistics Expert 

If your business is new to trade shows, or if you don’t want to deal with the many sleepless nights preparing for a trade show can bring, hiring a trade show logistics expert may be your best bet. Many companies can offer logistical support, as well as storage, inventory, and concept support as well. 

One of these types of companies is Earnest Images. We can assist your business with everything from booth design to storage to logistics. Storing your trade show materials can be challenging for any business, especially smaller businesses. Earnest Images can safely store your trade show assets, inspect them after every show to make sure they are in top shape, repair them if needed, and have them ready to ship to the next trade show. 

We provide personalized service and take the worry out of trade show exhibiting. Let us help make your trade show a success! 

Interested in learning more about how Earnest Images can help your business with trade show logistical support? Reach out to us today

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