The Benefits of Working with a Storage & Fulfillment Company for Trade Show Displays

Managing the logistics of setting up for a trade show is complex and time sensitive. Transporting exhibit materials, ensuring enough marketing materials are on-hand, setting up and dismantling displays, and storing materials in preparation for the next trade show is a big job that needs dedicated attention. Keep reading to learn more about how storage and fulfillment companies can alleviate this burden for your business’s trade show events. 

What is a Storage & Fulfillment Company? 

Storage and fulfillment companies at the most basic level are companies that store, or warehouse, your products or materials and fulfill orders of those products or materials as they are requested. When it comes to a company that specializes in the storage and fulfillment of trade show displays, the involvement and expertise of the storage and fulfillment company is heightened. 

Storage and fulfillment companies for trade shows are involved in the shipment of materials for your trade show booth to the venue, setting up the booth, taking inventory of marketing materials, taking down the booth when the trade show is over, checking the booth for any signs of damage, packing materials up, shipping materials back to the warehouse, and making sure all materials are organized and ready to go to the next trade show. It’s no small job to ensure that all of this is done as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. 

Why Use a Storage & Fulfillment Company for Trade Shows? 

The reasons why businesses attend trade shows are to showcase their products or services, create new business partnerships and opportunities, attract new customers, and stay up to date with industry trends. The focus of a business owner heading into a trade show shouldn’t be on worrying if their exhibit materials are going to arrive on time and in good condition, or if all of the marketing materials they need are ready to go. 

Storage and fulfillment companies relieve this stress for the business so the spotlight can be where it should be, on the business’s products and/or services. By outsourcing the logistics involved in attending a trade show, businesses can spend their time engaging with attendees, networking, and increasing the visibility of their brand. 

More Benefits of Using a Storage & Fulfillment Company 

We’ve covered the obvious benefit of using a storage and fulfillment company for your trade show displays: relieving the stress of having to do all that work and shifting attention away from the central reason for attending a trade show. In addition to that, there are some other benefits that might not seem as obvious. These benefits include: 

Cost Savings 

Let’s begin with the most important benefit. Hiring a storage and fulfillment company to handle your trade show needs will save your business money. The need for warehouse space is eliminated, which means saving the cost of employing warehouse staff, as well as the overhead cost of renting or owning warehouse space, and maintaining it, is removed. 

The cost of paying an employee to determine how to transport goods, keep up with new technologies in shipping, and optimize efficiency is also no longer your responsibility when you  hire a storage and fulfillment company. 

Inventory Management

A storage and fulfillment company has the ability to keep track of each item that needs to be at your trade show appearance. Knowing what is available, where it is located, and when it needs to be at the trade show adds to the efficiency of your participation in the trade show. In addition, a storage and fulfillment company can check inventory at the end of one trade show and order more materials based on need for the next, freeing up more time for you to focus on your business. 

Expertise and Specialization 

Trade show storage and fulfillment companies specialize in all aspects of tradeshow logistics. As a result, they understand the unique handling requirements of delicate and valuable trade show items. These companies have established reliable networks and partnerships to ensure efficient transportation to and from trade show venues. Their expertise extends beyond storage, encompassing shipping, material handling, setup, and teardown services.

Professional trade show storage and fulfillment companies, like Earnest Images, have the expertise, facilities, and connections to handle your business’s trade show needs effectively. Providing secure storage, efficient shipping logistics, reliable return shipping, as well as inspection and repair of all trade show materials and proper storage of your materials for your next trade show takes the burden off of your hands, as well as the stress in orchestrating each trade show. 

Want to know more about how Earnest Images can help your business with its trade show storage and fulfillment needs? Reach out to us today! 

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