Trade Show Fulfillment Management vs. Typical Fulfillment & Storage Companies

Trade shows allow businesses to present what they have to offer to a broad audience with the goal of attracting new customers and building brand awareness. However, as any business owner knows, preparing for a trade show can be overwhelming and very time consuming. A dedicated trade show fulfillment management company can take the hassle out of trade show preparation, shipping, and storage. 

Trade Show Fulfillment Management vs. Typical Fulfillment Companies 

Typical Fulfillment & Storage 

Typical fulfillment companies, or fulfillment warehouses, provide a way for businesses to process and ship orders to customers. The need for your business to process, pack, and ship orders yourself is eliminated by using a typical fulfillment company. In order to use a typical fulfillment company, your business must store its product inventory with the fulfillment provider. 

Typical fulfillment companies offer many advantages to businesses. For example, orders can be processed quickly, staffing costs can be reduced, and the need for a large storage space of your own is removed, saving your business even more overhead costs. However, typical fulfillment and storage companies do NOT specialize in trade show fulfillment management–and if you know anything about trade show management, you know how intricate and detailed it needs to be in order to be effective. 

Trade Show Fulfillment Management 

Trade show fulfillment management entails everything from safekeeping your business’s trade show materials, to packing them securely in preparation for a trade show, to organizing the shipping of the materials for timely delivery, to returning the materials from the trade show venue to the storage facility once a trade show ends. That’s a lot. 

The expertise needed to support a seamless trade show appearance, and keep your expensive trade show materials in top shape, is best handled by a company that specializes in trade show fulfillment management. Hiring a great trade show fulfillment management company can save your business from unforeseen expenses and provide you with more time to focus on other parts of your business. 

The Importance of Trade Show Logistics 

Preparing your business for a trade show appearance is a significant undertaking. There are so many elements that need to be put in place to ensure a flawless presentation at a trade show. Trade show logistics is more than just moving your booth to and from a show site. 


Chances are your business has invested a lot of money into its trade show materials. Display signs, banners, signage, booths, audio and visual equipment, marketing materials, and lighting all cost a lot. Keeping those materials safely stored between trade shows is essential, and a proper trade show fulfillment management company knows this.  


Shipping trade show materials is more than just arranging transportation. Making sure your materials arrive on time and in good condition takes planning and attention. Packaging is a major part of successful shipping, and a trade show fulfillment management company will have the specialized knowledge and resources to safeguard your materials and get them where they need to be, when they need to be there. 

Return Transportation 

Taking down a booth at a trade show is just as important as getting it to the trade show to begin with. The proper dismantling of a trade show booth along with appropriate packaging up of materials keeps your investment in working order. Returning your trade show materials to reliable storage in anticipation of the next trade show provides peace of mind and confidence for the next show. 

Hiring a reliable trade show fulfillment management company can lessen the stress and burden of managing the storage, shipping, and return transportation of your trade show materials. Professional companies, like Earnest Images, that specialize in trade show fulfillment management have the expertise to make the overall trade show experience flawless so that your focus can be on your business. 

Benefits of Trade Show Fulfillment Management Companies Over Typical Fulfillment Companies 

The key benefit of a trade show fulfillment management company over a typical fulfillment and storage company is: specialization. Knowing what it takes to attend a trade show, and anticipating the bumps in the road that could occur while planning to make sure they do not occur, make a company specializing in trade show fulfillment management invaluable. Some other added benefits include: 

Inventory management: Keeping marketing materials organized and at the ready is important to a quick trade show turnaround. 

Time: A lot of time is handed back to you when using a trade show fulfillment management company. Your focus can, and should, be on the other parts of your business. 

Quality Control: Inspection, cleaning and repair of trade show materials can be undertaken by a trade show fulfillment management company, like Earnest Images. We’ll make sure all of your trade show materials are in great condition, and fix them if they aren’t, making your business shine at every trade show. 

Consider working with a trade show fulfillment management company for your trade show needs. Earnest Images can take care of your storage, packing/shipping, inventory, and so much more! 


Reach out to Earnest Images today to find out how we can take care of all your trade show fulfillment management needs! 

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